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Bay Area Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair for Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Oakley, and other Bay Area Cities

Bay to Bay Garage Door repair and maintain various types of garage doors from one piece tilt up doors, wood sectionals, carriage house doors, to classic steel overhead doors. Our technicians' trucks are equipped with a large inventory of parts to safely and effectively repair or replace any damaged, worn, or broken parts.

We provide garage door repair and installation service as well as remote/keypad reprogramming, wi-fi upgrades, even same day new opener replacements for homes in Pleasanton, Danville, San Ramon, and other cities.


Garage Door Repair Service

We Fix

Damaged garage door panels
Crashed garage doors 
Garage door springs
Garage door openers
Bad garage door hinges & rollers
Bent or damaged garage door track
Worn drums, frayed or worn garage door cables

Preventive Maintenance and Service

Contact us to service your garage doors and keep them in good working conditions. Check out our garage door repair and service special offers. Call us when you see the following symptoms before your garage doors cause problems.

  • Loud noises in opening or closing like metal clicking or grinding.
  • Garage Door opens and or closes rougher then normal.
  • Garage Door opens a foot or two and then stops.
  • Garage Door does not open at all.


Same Day Garage Door Repair Service

We are a full service Bay Area Garage Door Repair Services & Sales Company providing Same Day Garage Door Repair Services in Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Oakley and other Bay Area cities. We only use the highest quality garage door parts and professionally trained technicians who care about our customers. Our services are listed below. Call us today for a Free Quote!


Garage Door Repair & Motor Service

A question we’re often asked is, “how often should we service our garage door and motor?” Experience has shown that garage door and motor that are maintained yearly tend to operate smoother and last 7 to 10 years longer than those that have been neglected. Garage doors And garage door openers consist of many moving parts that are subject to swinging temperatures, incremental elements like rain, wind, long periods of sun exposure, dust, debris and the list goes on. A general door and motor service provides an overall inspection of every moving part on both the door and the automatic opener, checking for things like frayed cables, worn or inoperable rollers, bent or damaged hinges, worn or seized end bearings, rusted or aged torsion springs, aged weather stripping, worn trolley, proper radius on the motors gear and sprocket etc. After an overall inspection, all immediate issues are brought to the homeowner's attention and options for repair or replacement are offered. If no immediate actions are required then the next step in the door and motor service is to lubricate and tighten everything that sees high and continual daily use or movement.

Broken Spring Repair

Garage door services and repair may include torsion spring. The Torsion Spring is the most widely used and demanded of part on the garage door. A majority of garage door services company calls are due to torsion springs breaking. So, why does a torsion spring or any other garage door spring break? Well there are a couple of different reasons behind the failure of a Garage Door Spring for instance “age”. Springs have a life cycle (some with higher life cycles then others), a life cycle is complete after a door opens and then closes, that is one life cycle. A standard torsion spring has 10.000 life cycles, now mathematically if a person opens and closes a garage door 4 times in a day then on paper that spring will last a little over 7 years. Now that doesn't mean that the spring will break at that point, no, all that means is that the spring has been used passed its capacity to properly hold the weight of the door that it was manufactured for. It is usually some time after this point that a spring breaks. Another factor that plays into the life of a spring is the condition of the spring itself for instance, has it been oiled or lubed over the years to prevent rust and allow free movement of the coil without much binding? Rust is another major inhibiter of the life of a torsion spring. Another factor that affects torsion springs is the torsion system or more importantly the end bearings that the torsion system continually rotates on. If you are experiencing a broke torsion spring every 2 to 4 years the issue may be the end bearings and not the spring. A good indicator that it's time to replace the torsion spring is if you attempt to open the garage door manually and it won't open by hand, is extremely heavy, or won't stay open when you attempt to open it.

Roller Replacement

Garage door services should also look into the door rollers. What is it about those Rollers? A couple things to point out here, your garage door rollers are just like the tires of your car, after so much use its time to replace them. So what are indicators that a roller is worn out or ready to replace? From our experience as a garage door services company, a standard roller if it is repeatedly popping out of the track chances are the radius of the roller has diminished over time. Another indicator (normally seen on heavier doors like wood doors) is a continual clicking sound as the door opens or closes. Another indicator is the movement of the roller as the door moves, if the roller is wobbling in the track chances are the bearings have or are disintegrating, this is a serious issue. In closing the roller was designed to allow your garage door to move as freely as possible with no resistance or friction. If your Garage door seems to stick in places as you manually open it or there seems to be a bit of resistance it may be time to replace or upgrade your rollers.

Repair Damaged Panel Replacement

The most common cause of garage door panel repair and replacement is due to the intrusion of a vehicle either while the door is closed or either closing. Vehicle damage to a garage door is most often irreparable. In some cases it is possible to replace just a panel or two to restore the door back to its original condition. Another case where a panel replacement is necessary is when the panel has been slightly damaged in the past and now begins to sag ever so slightly when in the open position that when closed begins to cause resistance to the opener as well as begins to bend the panel to the degree that when the door does actually move it thrust the panel outward in such a manner that it actually starts to crack the panel in places.


Garage door repair and service for Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Oakley and other cities
Garage door repair and service for Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Oakley and other cities

Remote Programming

In today's day and age there are universal remotes that can be linked to a wide variety of garage door openers, the same is true of wireless keypads. Depending on the manufacturer it is possible to also get the make and model remotes, this requiring a lead time though. The point, if there is a remote or keypad need in your home there is a simple and cost effective solution. Contact our garage door services expert for assistance in programming the garage door remote. 


Home Automation

The newest trend in today's society is the integration of the home automation system. Although when first presented with the idea of home automation it seems simple and makes a lot of sense, the home automation process can become a continual ongoing process of trying to link or integrate all of the various appliances or functions that are available. The nice thing about Home Automation and Garage Door Openers is that there is an option today that provides a wi-fi functioning garage door opener that integrates with many of the home automation systems on the market, it's a simple, hassle free, and guaranteed way to monitor your garage door while away from home or even out of the country, as well as allow the home automation system to monitor or even operate the system as well.


Garage door repair and service for Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Oakley and other cities